Evening Desert Safari – An Introduction

Desert containing a barren and harsh environment always challenged human adventurous nature. The loneliness of the desert always had an appealing place which fills human’s psychological needs and satisfy his internal thirst for adventure. The emptiness of desert is attractive to human heart also because it resembles human own barrenness and thirst; that’s exactly why humans, from the ancient time have adventured in desert and player with raw barrenness.

Desert is a mystery which hides many secrets of nature. Desert is like teachers that teaches its students through voice of silence and let its student learn through experiencing. The phenomena of Mirage taught humans to think before leap, be adventurous and go on to conquer new horizons but don’t let the wind of east blind their eyes. Similarly, the characteristics of sand to quickly absorb and emit heat let humans understand the rule of being spontaneous, to set sails in sand and let the dreams be turned into reality.

Desert is host with open heart and arms that invites all the adventurers to discover themselves. The adventurers move to desert in bulk and discover it from dusk to dawn. Desert offers a great journey, a journey from the rise of sun till when the moon light cool down the sand and absorbs the heat of day and the tiredness of adventurers.

Evening Desert Safari is something perfect for the lovers of desert who want to make some impact and stab sand right in its heart. Evening Desert Safari is an expedition that let the adventurers to observe desert and its environment from close. Evening Desert Safari is one of a kind adventure of Arabian Nights. It’s mainly offered in Arab countries and especially famous in United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is simply on every one’s to do list who is visiting UAE.

Evening Desert Safari is one of the main, if not top, attraction of desert. Thrill seekers from the world are attracted by this attraction for years. A 4×4 jeep cruising on dry sea offers a new taste, never experienced before. The roaring jeep flying over dunes and destroying the silence of desert add oil on fires in hearts of adventure seekers.

Evening Desert Safari was firstly introduced in Dubai. It was also offered in Abu Dhabi but even now Dubai is the main attraction for pleasure seekers. It is common attraction there and offered by multiple Adventure planners and Trip Advisors.

There are multiple pickup locations from where tourists are collected. The tour departs in afternoon and multiple photo stops are made during this thrilling dune drive. The participants are provided with traditional Arabic dresses to know more about Arabic culture. The drive along the dry sea stops to let the tourists enjoy the beautiful sun setting in blazing sand, spreading redness and replacing it with darkness simultaneously.

This jeep adventure continues till late night and it consists of multiple adventures including Quad Bike, Dune Bashing, Sand Skiing, Arabic Belle Dance, star gazing and BBQ dinner is also included. Those who want to know desert are necessary to avail this chance. Whoever returned from this adventure feels that Desert has changed their lives.

Never forget to try Evening Desert Safari; you’ll be surprised by how much the desert can teach you!

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