Things Every Tourist Must Do in Cairo

A trip to Egypt is a once in a lifetime experience for many, so you don’t want to miss anything. This amazing capital city is located on the Nile River and is home to one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. The exotic landscape, complete with a bustling city, ancient monuments, and the Nile River, will leave tourists breathless and awestruck.

To get the most out of your trip to Cairo, you should plan ahead to do all the things every tourist must do while traveling in Cairo. One of the best ways to get to experience all Cairo has to offer is to take a tour. There are several options for tours in Cairo of various lengths making it easy to accommodate everyone. So, let’s look at the must-do bucket list items you should plan to check off while in Cairo.

Visit the Pyramids

Naturally, the primary must-see attraction in Cairo are the ancient pyramids. Tourists descend on the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Sphinx statue year-round to take in the amazing feat of strength and industry. Make sure you have your camera because you will want to take hundreds of pictures of you “walking like an Egyptian” in front of the pyramids – don’t worry, everyone else will be doing the same thing!

Take in the Egyptian Museum

Even if you are not a history lover, the Egyptian Museum is an amazing must-see attraction. Why? It is full of ancient artifacts bringing all the history to life. It is an entirely different thing to learn about Egyptian culture in the confines of a classroom compared to seeing mummies up close and hieroglyphics in person.

Shop at Khan El-Khalili Bazaar

Shoppers will rejoice when they visit Khan El-Khalili bazaar because they will be able to find unique treasures to take back home. This is an open-air market that is frequently crowded because it is so popular with both the locals and tourists. Tourists will love the vibrant setting, as well as the smell of spices in the air. Plus, haggling over the price of an item is a tourist experience you will never forget.

See the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Dance Troupe

Most commonly associated with whirling dervishes, the Al-Tannoura Egyptian Dance Troupe puts on a must-see show that tourists should see. The amazing show, located in the Wekalet El Ghouri arts center, incorporates both instruments and dance that allows leaves the audience spellbound. Historical elements and brilliant costumes make the performance even more entertaining.

Drink & Eat Egyptian Cuisine

Tourists will notice quickly that seems to be a fruit juice shop on every block. This is for good reason! Fresh mango juice is extremely popular, so no trip to Cairo is complete without sampling some. In addition to drinking what the locals drink, tourists should also include a visit to a street vendor for shawarma. Many tourists also feel a trip to Cairo should include smoking shisha (or hookah).

Truly experience Cairo by immersing yourself in the Egyptian culture. 

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